Remember yesterday. Cherish today. Dream tomorrow.
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Inspired to Create Soy Wax Candle | Violet Prism


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Brand: One Love Paper Co.


Heart-centerered: Stay true to the whispers of your heart heard by your soul alone

Get inspired: Focus on what motivates and energizes you

Be reflective: Consider what worked/didn't work the previous year

Seasonal themes: Goals are separated into 12-week cycles

Find balance: Consider time for self-care, family, work & play

Focus: Keep your goals top of mind with monthly & weekly action plans

Do what matters most: Choose 3 goals to focus on each season

Mid-year Check-in: Bbreathe fresh energy into your goals

Calendaring pages

Stay Inspired: Monthly themes and insightful quotes fuel your creative ambition

Plan Ahead: 2019 All-on-one page calendar included

Roomy and bright: Even with extra notes pages in back

Monthly spreads show holidays and moon cycles

Weekly spreads provide hourly scheduling and daily focus/to-do list