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Kathy is a mother of three, artist, and designer who grew up with a love of paper. Some of her earliest memories were punching out holes to make handmade holiday cards with her mom. Surrounded by a family of makers, she began programming at at as a young child, and was a self-taught graphic designer and web developer at an early age.

An artist and entrepreneur at heart, Kathy opened her first company at age 25, where she has created hundreds of brands, marketing campaigns and websites over the years.

In 2013, after navigating the very all-consuming work+life balance challenges of entrepreneurship and early motherhood, Kathy saw her passion lied in inspiring and providing a path for others to believe in and pursue their dreams alongside their ambitious roles.


The love for the custom sentiment - making a message that is in part written and in part a piece of art delivered through paper, carried with her throughout the years. She began making paper and media products that served women's desire to creatively contribute to the world, while pursuing a full, enriching life in which cherishing the moment, nurturing relationships, mindfulness and family come first.

Kathy's unique style of planners, paper goods and gifts can now be found at, on Etsy, and on Amazon.

Kathy and her family -- husband, Tim, and children ages 8, 10 & 13 -- recently moved from California to Oregon. She travels frequently with her family to destinations across the globe. She also enjoys running, yoga, and painting, and is frequently found organizing volunteer projects related to Maker and STEM education. She blogs at about work-life balance, parenting, cherishing the moment, family travel and creative pursuits.

Inspired Year Planner | Background Story

Written by Kathy
A few years ago, goal-setting helped changed the course of my life. I had never taken the time to write down and regularly refer to goals before, and while I had been very ambitious, I hadn't done a very good job focusing on how I truly wanted to feel. I was in the middle of burnout from spreading myself too thin between my business, raising young kids, volunteering, and the obligations of running a household.

So, I made it my goal for the year to simply slow down and enjoy the present moment. I started a family vacation tradition, rediscovered lost hobbies, and started making room for more fun in my life. Being more aware of what I cared about dovetailed into restructuring my career as well. Taking the time to write down my goals, reflect on why they were important, and committing to them gave me newfound energy and purpose. It took effort and determination, and I realized that no matter how much we try, without focusing on our intentions regularly, we can easily get derailed. The Inspired Year Planner came to fruition as I thought through my goal-setting process that year. I wanted to create a planner that, on a daily basis, helped women and parents feel uplifted, purposeful, and creative.

And, while doing so, also provided a foundation to create and focus on goals and balance. I wanted women to enjoy a planner that helped them towards the big obvious goals (finances, weight, etc.), but also the more subtle, heartfelt goals - around the way we want to feel, the balance we want to achieve, the purpose we long for, and the self-care we know we need. I designed the first version of the Inspired Year Planner in December 2015 - the name and details were different, but the concept was the same.

I used my own art in the designs, and pulled meaningful quotes that I had saved for years in journals and notebooks. The planner was incredibly successful in its early versions on Etsy. So, in November 2016, I took on my first ever Kickstarter campaign to officially launch the planners to a wider audience. The Kickstarter campaign was 120% funded in just three weeks, and I (and my family) worked tirelessly to have hundreds of planners out before the 2016 holiday season ended. Now in its third year, the Inspired Year Planner continues to be received with joy and enthusiasm by all who discover it, and I am excited to further share this amazing tool with creative-thinkers around the world.

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- Kathy


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      • Bloggers on the blog tour may run the giveaway however they would like. The winner must be chosen and designated by November 1, 2018, to receive their free Inspired Year Planner. 

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      • Bloggers will not need to ship the planner to their giveaway winner. The winner will be able to fill out their address with One Love Paper Co. and an Inspired Year Planner will be sent directly to them.

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      • The giveaway is an option and is meant to be a way for bloggers on the blog tour to build their audience and promote something that their community will likely get excited about. If bloggers on the blog tour do not want to run a giveaway, they can simply refer anyone to the giveaway that will be hosted on the Cherished Life website (giveaway linked here).

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  1. What should the blog for the tour be about? is there a required length?
    • The blog can be a post about goal-setting, organizational tips, sharing the story of the planner, any part of the information from the Kickstarter video/page, an interview of me, and/or review of the Inspired Year Planner. There is no required length, but at least 500 words is preferred. The blog must include at least 1 photo of the planner and a link with the blog tour particpant’s unique referrer ID. Additional photos (either from this page, anywhere on the One Love Paper Co. website, or your own photos, are welcome as well.

Suggested blog topics:

  • Write about how you plan your days and weeks or how your goal-setting for the year is going
  • Share your morning routine and what works/doesn’t work about it
  • Review the planner – what you like most about it or how it’s different from what you have used in the past
  • Interview Kathy about the planner – questions can be provided, just add 2-3 of your own then create a blog with a summary of the interview. Interview can be done by email.
  • Have fun with it! Make it a podcast interview, share about your own struggles with planning, talk about your morning routine – the possibilities are limitless!

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