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2019 Inspired Year Planner | 7"x9" Small Hardcover - Shaklee


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Brand: One Love Paper Co.

The 2019 Inspired Year Planner for Shaklee is the ultimate goal-setting calendar for busy creatives juggling it all. Its functional design and roomy pages provide everything you need to stay organized...

The 2019 Inspired Year Planner for Shaklee is the ultimate goal-setting calendar for busy creatives juggling it all. Its functional design and roomy pages provide everything you need to stay organized and inspired.


Cover: hardcover with elastic band, protective coating and gold foil
Small size cover includes gold reinforced corners


Gold wire coil
100gsm/200gsm wood-free high quality paper


Weekly + monthly spreads | January - December 2019


Yearly goal-setting, mid-year goal review
Quarterly work+life balance charts
Monthly, weekly & daily space to plan and track goal progress


Small: 7"x9" (Cover extends to 7.5"x9.25")


Inspiring quotes, extra notes pages
2019 & 2020 at-a-glance
Holidays and moon cycles on monthly pages
Hardcover version includes elastic bookmark band & back pocket for extra papers
Shaklee PV Planner and Master Prospect List

Shaklee Planner

2019 Shaklee Monthly Planner

Designed with goal-setting and work-life balance in mind, this planner is uniquely suited to manage your busy days while making space for your dreams.

Thoughtful prompts allow you to reflect, so you can focus on meaningful work and be intentional with time for family, home and self-care.The get-down-to-business planning pages allow you to reflect on what matters most to you, balance your priorities, and get organized.

Warm and inviting, with beautiful quotes and loving inspiration throughout, it is like opening up a piece of art every day to allow you to create your own life masterpiece.

Our customers love the well though-out planning and review sections. You’ll love how you will be able to organize your life and focus your days!


What's included in your planner:


  • Custom-designed cover art for Shaklee
  • Monthly PV Planner (updated with goals section for 2018)
  • Master Prospect List


  • Big goal and heart-centered goal-setting pages
  • Beginning of year goal-setting (10 pages to start the year off right)
  • Mid-year goal review
  • Quarterly work+life balance charts
  • Monthly & weekly space to plan and track goal progress
  • Daily to-do lists
  • Year-in-review reflection prompts
  • 12-week goals broken down by season


  • Inspiring quotes on monthly and weekly spreads & seasonal divider
  • Full 2-page spread for each month and week
  • Hourly scheduler
  • Holidays included
  • Moon phases
  • Yearly overview calendar for 2019 & 2020
  • Extra notes pages
  • Tabbed months for easy reference
  • Book lies flat


  • Warm and inviting, big and bright
  • High quality 100gsm ultra-white paper
  • Reinforced laminated monthly tabs on sturdy 200gsm ultra-white paper
  • 19pt soft-to-the-touch hardbound cover with soft coating and gold foil accents
  • Gold wire-o binding

Heart-centerered: Stay true to the whispers of your heart heard by your soul alone

Get inspired: Focus on what motivates and energizes you

Be reflective: Consider what worked or didn't work the previous year

Seasonal themes: Goals are separated into 12-week cycles

Find balance: Consider time for self-care, family, work & play

Focus: Keep your goals top of mind with monthly & weekly action plans

Do what matters most: Choose 3 goals to focus on each season

Mid-year Check-in: Breathe fresh energy into your goals

Calendaring pages

Stay Inspired: Monthly themes and insightful quotes fuel your creative ambition

Plan Ahead: 2019 All-on-one page calendar included

Roomy and bright: Even with extra notes pages in back

Monthly spreads show holidays and moon cycles

Weekly spreads provide hourly scheduling and daily focus/to-do list